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Hyundai has developed new technology to help hearing-impaired drivers on the road
Hyundai is always developing innovations to help make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable for all. If you're hearing-impaired, driving can be much more challenging. To take some of the difficulty out of the driving experience for the hearing-impaired, Hyundai is developing new technology that takes advantage of other senses to provide a safer experience.

Hyundai's unique system uses artificial intelligence that understands sounds outside the vehicle. Any sound that is detected by the AI is then translated into a visual or tactile cue that a hearing-impaired driver will be better able to understand.

The technology breaks down into two parts: Audio-Visual Conversion (AVC) and Audio-Tactile Conversion (ATC). AVC uses a Hyundai vehicle's Head-Up Display to represent sounds in front of the driver in a visual manner. This can include sirens or horns, giving a hearing-impaired driver a clearer sense of their surroundings. Multicolored LED lights on the steering wheel are also employed to provide clearer navigation. ATC turns sounds into vibrations in the steering wheel, communicating information like the distance from a vehicle to an obstacle.

Hyundai demonstrated its technology in a video, "The Quiet Taxi," which shows how the system aids a Lee Dae-Ho, hearing-impaired taxi driver in South Korea.

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